Senior Embedded SW Engineer

Job Description


  • Algorithm implementation in C/C++
  • Run time optimization of algorithmic blocks, using SIMD units, GPU (OpenCL) and DSP
  • Gain knowledge of memory sharing paradigms and implementations
  • Acquire deep knowledge of algorithm performance, identify bottlenecks, invent and implement creative solutions for a variety of run time problems
  • Assembly-level development at time-critical code sections
  • Define, setup and support development and debugging environment
  • Participate in requirements definition and architecture level specification
  • Acquire good knowledge of HW


B.Sc. in Electronics Engineering or Computer Science from a certified University.


  • Over 5 years’ Experience in programming for various ARM-based platforms
  • Excellent C/C++ coding skills
  • Knowledge of the ARMv7/v8 architecture
  • Knowledge of optimizations (cycles, memory access, vectorization, assembly-level, multi-threading)
  • Knowledge of multi-core parallel programming (multi-threading, affinity, thread-pools)


  • Experience in Android programming
  • Experience in DSP programing
  • Knowledge of camera architecture / image processing pipeline / 3D stereo algorithms / image registration
  • Knowledge of Qualcomm’s Krait architecture
  • Knowledge of Intel’s Atom architecture
  • Experience in SSE/AVX programming