System Engineer

Job Description

Corephotonics is seeking an experienced system engineer to design, implement and validate the system aspects of Corephotonics products.


  • Taking part in defining and optimizing the system architecture of Corephotonics camera solutions, with emphasis on data and control flows, modes of operation, interfaces between system modules
  • Analyzing the camera system architecture in existing application processors. Gaining deep knowledge of camera subsystem in mobile devices
  • Working together with Corephotonics partners and customers to define the system architecture
  • Designing system architecture for Corephotonics’ hardware products (including ASIC design, actuator control components)
  • Writing system and product architecture documents
  • Developing tools and methodologies to test system performance
  • Verifying performance of existing products in terms of runtime, power consumption, memory consumption and user experience


Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University or the Technion Institue of Technology.


  • 3 years of experience as a system engineer, working on designing complex embedded-SW systems with high data throughout
  • Proven experience in designing system architecture, defining APIs between sub-systems, balancing the needs of algorithms and software teams with system constraints and complexity
  • Experience in bringing up performance testing environment and testing various aspects of system performance
  • Fast learner, with proven ability to delve into details of existing solutions, understand both the “big picture” and the “nitty-gritty” details and improve upon the design
  • Experience in writing architecture documents


  • Experience in working on mobile platforms
  • Experience in working with camera systems
  • Knowledge of the camera processing pipeline, CSI, MIPI standards
  • Experience in working with Android and camera applications
  • Knowledge of mobile application processors architecture (Qualcomm, Samsung, Mediatek)