Graphics SW Engineer

Job Description

Main responsibility: implementing and developing image processing algorithm on advanced mobile GPUs (Mali, Adreno, Imagination). This includes:

  • Implementing algorithmic blocks from scratch in OpenCL and OpenGL
  • Optimizing existing algorithmic blocks, improving run time, reducing data transfer, and improving code efficiency
  • Assuming responsibility for all development cycles – design, implementation, debugging, optimization and delivery.
  • Collaborate with team members, algorithms engineers and colleagues in solving problems and overcoming design challenges
  • Interface with SW engineers at customer sites



B.Sc. in electronics or computer science/electrical engineering from a certified University



  • 1-2 years’ Experience in programming for various GPU platforms.
  • 3D applications development.
  • Experience in writing shaders.
  • Knowledge of OpenGL and OpenCL/CUDA.
  • Good C/C++ coding skills.
  • · Knowledge of GPU architecture and optimizations.


  • Experience in designing, implementing and optimizing image processing algorithms on GPU platforms.
  • Creative, innovative, out of the box thinking. Good written and verbal communication skills of highly technical data. Fast learner, team player, reliable, motivated, hard worker, good organizational skills.