Hawkeye Camera

Corephotonics’ Hawkeye camera is the next generation optical zoom camera. To break the limitations of traditional cameras, Corephotonics’ engineering took the camera design to the next level, introducing the folded dual camera concept. Designed from the ground up, the compact camera delivers jaw-dropping image quality and a zoom experience that has never been seen before on mobile devices.

Indeed, Hawkeye camera produces photos that express an artistic quality, as found in professional photography. With optics that are equivalent to an 85mm telephoto lens, it delivers a dramatic optical Bokeh and an exceptional low light performance. Hawkeye camera is the perfect solution for portraiture, under every lighting condition. Its folded optics mechanism includes a folded Optical Image Stabilization actuator, alongside Corephotonics’ image fusion library.

The Tele aperture sports a very large focal length lens and offers large zooming range for stills and video, while capturing up to five times more light than leading smartphone cameras. Its characteristics result in shallow depth of field and an optical Bokeh effect. It helps the photographer to frame the scene such that the viewer focus on the object of interest.


  • Continuous optical zoom that is equivalent in its effective resolution to that of 5x opto-mechanical zoom cameras
  • Exceptionally high resolving power at a form factor that is slimmer than standard cameras
  • 8x zooming capability in 1080p video
  • Fixed, low f-number of the tele lens provides superb low-light performance
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Fast focusing