Hummingbird Camera

Optical zooming is the holy grail of mobile photography. It is the number one feature that is desired by consumers, and is the main reason some people still carry around bulky cameras with large lenses. Indeed, to be able to get closer to your object, to frame your scene exactly as you like it, without compromising on quality and detail is priceless for any photographer.

Our Hummingbird camera brings optical zoom to mobile photography. Elegantly designed, it provides a smooth, intuitive continuous zooming experience in both video and snapshot. It renders crisp photos and videos, rich in texture and detail, even under challenging lighting conditions. And it does so without relying on delicate mechanical lens assembly solutions that are prone to break when the phone is dropped.

The solution comprises two apertures: one with a Wide field of view lens (as is typically used in mobile devices) and the other with a Telephoto lens having narrow field of view.

Corephotonics’ proprietary Tele lens design boasts an exceptionally large effective focal length (EFL), while keeping similar total track length (TTL) to standard Wide field of view lenses and dramatically increasing the lens aperture diameter.

The Hummingbird camera includes an image fusion library, capable of merging two simultaneously captured images (whether these are snapshots or frames in a video stream) into a single high quality image. The result is a stunningly high resolving power, which could have not been achieved by using a single aperture camera without a dramatic increase in its thickness.


Corephotonics Hummingbird camera offers the following benefits:

  • Continuous optical zoom that is equivalent in its effective resolution to that of bulky 3x opto-mechanical zoom cameras
  • 5x video zooming capability @ 1080p
  • High quality imaging in low-light scenarios
  • Fast focusing
  • Small and slim footprint
  • Optional optical image stabilization