Night Owl Camera

We at Corephotonics believe that every photon is worth fighting for. As avid mobile photographers, we understand that users take a large part of their pictures under challenging lighting conditions, such as indoors, or during the evening and night time. Traditional cameras struggle to provide good image quality under such conditions, and the resulting images are often blurry or grainy and suffer from washed-out colors and an over-processed look.

We designed the Night Owl camera to address these challenging situations and we are proud to offer mobile photographers an uncompromising solution to low-light mobile photography that, by design, includes additional benefits.

Corephotonics Night Owl camera comprises two sub-modules (apertures), each having a low-F/# lens and an image sensor. One of the apertures is used to capture color (chrominance) information, whereas the other is equipped with a monochromatic image sensor and a matching lens that are optimized for capturing the luminance information.

The monochromatic sensor is capable of capturing 2.5 times more light than the color sensor and its lens is carefully designed such that it will also deliver higher spatial resolution.

Images from the two apertures are fused together in real-time to create a superior output image.


Corephotonics’ Night Owl camera delivers superior image quality in the most challenging photographic situations. The special design of the Night Owl camera, the inclusion of a monochromatic sensor, alongside Corephotonics’ image fusion algorithm results in the following benefit:

  • Superb low-light performance – more than 6dB SNR gain
  • Thinness – 25% thinner than other cameras with equivalent light sensitivity, down to 5mm
  • 60% higher effective resolution
  • High dynamic range
  • Dense depth-map
  • Digital Bokeh and post-capture refocus
  • Fast focusing time in all light conditions
  • Reducing motion blur
  • Optional optical image stabilization