Dual Camera Optics

Among other specialties, Corephotonics specializes in optic design for dual cameras and internally designs required lenses for its camera products. Our patented lenses take the height and area limitation to the max without compromising on optical quality and manufacturability.

The Hummingbird camera is based on our patented telephoto lens, designed to achieve maximal magnification for a given height. The optical magnification is proportional to the distance from the focal point (red marker) to the image sensor (also known as EFL, Effective Focal Length). A standard lens (shown on the left) has a focal point within the lens barrel, which does not use the full available height for magnification. Corephotonics patented lens (on the right) is a telephoto lens in which the focal point is above the lens barrel, thus the focal-point-to-sensor distance is larger than the lens barrel height (also known as TTL, Total Track Length).

For our folded-design dual camera zoom, we have patented a tele lens designed to achieve the maximal quality and the lowest F/# for a given barrel diameter; in the folded case the barrel diameter determines the module height. A standard lens (shown on the top) has an increasing lens element diameter, such that the lens element that is closest to the image sensor determines the module height. Corephotonics patented lens (shown on the bottom) has a same focal length and F/# but with a constant lens element diameter, enabling lower module height.