The World's Most Accurate Long Distance Stereo Camera for Automotive

Accelerating Road Safety

The automotive market utilizes visual cameras extensively, serving multiple applications such as surround view monitoring, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, rearview monitoring, e-mirrors and driver monitoring. As we approach autonomous vehicles, the number of such visual cameras will only increase as the safety requirements grow in complexity. In fact, volume demand for visual cameras will outstrip all other automotive sensor types.

The combination of multiple cameras in the automotive market has the potential to yield significant benefits for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. Specifically, a dual camera setup with an overlapping field of view (FoV) can provide detailed depth information that cannot be obtained otherwise. Using a stereoscopic visual camera, vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers can use a single device to integrate a wide range of driver assistance functions, which help improve safety and comfort and fulfill the ever-increasing safety standards set by legislators and consumer protection organizations.

Sensing the road ahead

TransportEye is an automotive front-facing stereoscopic camera system that provides the most accurate depth information in a small form factor that fits behind the rearview mirror. The camera system was co-developed by Hisense, China’s largest CE vendor, and Corephotonics, the pioneer of dual camera technologies, and serves both private cars as well as commercial vehicles.

By combining accurate depth information with visual camera information, the system can support a wide range of features, including lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist (LKA), forward collision warning (FCW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), automatic cruise control (ACC), traffic sign recognition (TSR), intelligent headlight control (IHC) and more. Mixing live front-facing video with accurate depth maps, in combination with deep learning techniques, will become mandatory for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles, and can efficiently support real-time mapping services.

The TransportEye system operates at up to a 100m range, further than any other automotive stereo camera system. With depth acquisition accuracy down to 1%, the system provides the most accurate distance information for any object in its field of view. Using a camera baseline of only 12cm, the system is remarkably compact and fits conveniently behind the car’s windshield and the rearview mirror without blocking the driver’s field of view. The system was designed to meet automotive industry reliability standards, including vibrations and extreme temperature variance, and has gone through rigorous road testing.