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About the company:

Acutelogic mission: Providing a new life style to people all over the world through the digital image software technology
“Image processing technology” will be adopted in day-to-day equipment for our life.
We have the equipment in our hand. It can communicate anytime with person all over the world.
It provide us important feelings and the impression are conveyed by using the word, the character, and the image.
The image processing technology is using in various situations, e.g… to sketch impression and memories, transmitting information, to keep real image, identifying and measuring the object, to support the safety of driving car and tram service, application of telemedicine.
The image is composed of many elements like the optical system, the sensor, and the picture processing. And each element will always be evolving.
Acutelogic aims to offer the technology that controls each element comprehensively, optimally.
Acutelogic always voluntarily assumes the following world and advances development.
Because, the evolution is progressing rapidly…
It is not possible to win only by acquiring and using state ?of- knowledge at the future business.
The goal is “Building the new scheme and system” is needed to have “Creating new knowledge”.
Acutelogic challenges the goal in cooperation with the partner company who shares us with the purpose though it is hard to achieve completely.

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