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“With the recent launches of flagship smartphones, the trend towards zoom dual camera photography is undeniable, enriching the camera user experience. Qtech, a leading camera module vendor utilizing a fully autonomous production line, is proud to collaborate with Corephotonics, the leader in dual camera technology, to satisfy the growing demand for zoom dual camera smartphones.”

Mr. Sam Hu, Executive Director & Sales Vice President of Q-Tech

About the company:

A Leading PRC-based Camera Module Manufacturer.

The leading PRC-based fingerprint recognition module and camera module manufacturer with a strong focus on Chinese branded smart phone and tablet market. We are one of the first few manufacturers in China to use COB (chip on board) and COF (chip on flex) packaging technologies, and one of the first few manufacturers in China master the know-how in mass producing ultrathin camera modules with resolution over 16 mega pixels, dual camera modules and multi-type fingerprint recognition modules.

Focusing on Mid-to-High End Camera Module Market.

With professional talents and technologies accumulated throughout the years, we are currently able to offer a full suite of ultra-thin camera modules with resolution ranging from lower than 3 mega pixels to 20 mega pixels, with wide-angle lenses, larger aperture, OIS (optical image stabilization), PDAF (phase detection auto-focus), gesture recognition, closed-loop control, together with fingerprint recognition module and outdoor sport camera module. We are currently one of the few manufacturers in China that can mass produce camera modules with resolution of 16 mega pixels and above. We believe that focusing on mid-to-high end camera module market and our comparatively lower cost base as a PRC-based manufacturer have provided us with distinctive advantages in the fast-growing camera module and fingerprint module market.

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