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January 03, 2018

Stereo camera combines long detection range and wide field of view

By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Nothing less than a breakthrough in automotive image sensing is what Chinese TV vendor Hisense promises to automotive engineers: Through a cooperation with stereo camera technology company Corephotonics, Hisense subsidiary Transtech has developed a stereo 3D camera that has a wider range and a wider field of view than available cameras.

TransTech’s TransportEye camera system has, according to its vendor, the longest detection range currently supported by any automotive stereo camera – reaching distances of up to 100m. This is combined with a wide field of view, necessary for earlier hazard detection, plus industry-leading low-light performance. Nevertheless, the camera has a compact design, with a camera baseline of just 12cm, making it the smallest solution in the industry to possess long range capabilities. With this compactness, the system fits behind a car’s rearview mirror.

Thanks to the advanced proprietary algorithms allowing sub-pixel accuracy for depth map creation, combined with high precision calibration techniques employed, the camera system achieves elevated degrees of depth ranging accuracy – down to 1%. These algorithms also play a key a role in dynamically compensating for misalignment of cameras due to vibrations and extreme temperature variance.

The TransportEye system will be on exhibit at Hisense’s booth at CES 2018 (Central Hall, Booth #10039).


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