In 2012, a small and talented team of engineers and PhDs set their sights on optimizing the mobile camera user experience. These were the early days of proper smartphone cameras, and developers were exploring a wide range of incremental evolutions of the technology; but that team, which later became Corephotonics, was researching ways to revolutionize the five-year roadmap of mobile photography. This team became the pioneer of multi-aperture camera technologies for smartphones and other mobile devices.

With the ultimate mission of providing top image quality in mind, Corephotonics decided to take a holistic approach with its dual camera technologies. Since the camera lens has direct effect on image quality as well as the size and height of the camera, we have invested heavily in optics technologies. As fast auto focus (AF) and optical image stabilization (OIS) are key for camera user experience, we have developed our own actuators and related camera mechanics to support our zoom dual cameras. And our backend image processing algorithms that fuse these two images to create best quality images, videos and depth maps, synergistically augment our camera IP.