Patent Portfolio

Protecting Your Dual Camera Design

Your Freedom to Operate in the Multi-Aperture Camera Technology Domain

  • As the pioneer of multi-aperture cameras, Corephotonics was the first to publicly demonstrate fully functional dual cameras, which captivated the smartphone industry in their unprecedented imaging improvement. Since 2014, we have demonstrated three dual camera generations, including the 2x optical zoom “Hummingbird”, the color + mono “Night Owl” and our 3x optical zoom “Hawkeye” and “Falcon” cameras. These cameras are becoming the new benchmark for quality photography in smartphones. In 2019, the fourth-generation camera will be introduced, bringing yet another significant performance leap. And we are already developing an even more superior fifth-generation.


  • Since Corephotonics’ establishment in 2012, the company has been diligently securing its camera technology in patents. Not surprising then, that we maintain the broadest patent portfolio in the field. Corephotonics has filed over 150 patents, many of which are granted, while others are at earlier stages in the patent process, including dozens which are still unpublished.


  • Corephotonics’ patents cover fundamental aspects of the technology both on the camera side (optics, mechanics) and the image processing side. Such fundamentals include innovation in compact Tele lenses, folded optical lenses, mechanical stabilization in folded optics, fusing information from two cameras for stills images, seamlessly and optimally streaming video from two cameras, zoom user interface and more. Corephotonics’ sum total of innovation brings meaningful optical and imaging gains within the size confines of smartphone cameras.


  • Innovation is in our DNA, and we guarantee that meaningful advances will keep coming and that a solid base of new patents will be ready to protect them. Smartphone manufacturers and their suppliers which license IP from Corephotonics significantly increase their freedom to operate in the dual camera technology domain. And by leveraging our software solutions, optic and mechanic designs, calibration tools and camera reference designs, we guarantee that our partners can offer a truly superior camera user experience.


More information about Corephotonics patents can be found on our Virtual Patent Marking page.