Corephotonics products are divided into two categories, synergistically augmenting each other to perfect the multi aperture camera user experience.

The Corephotonics camera reference designs pack all our camera-related technologies and IPs. Each camera reference design has distinct features, including different forms and sizes, lenses, sensors, actuators and other mechanical parts, offering a wide array of unique designs to choose from. These camera reference designs are available for device manufacturers to evaluate, integrate and use, and each can be fully customized for a specific device manufacturer.

The Corephotonics software solutions are based on our unique image processing algorithms, and are squarely aimed at providing the best image quality. Pioneering the multi-aperture domain enables us to provide the best optical zoom, low-light, Depth and Bokeh software libraries. These libraries are readily available on leading application processors (from Qualcomm, Mediatek and others), and are perfectly optimized to utilize CPUs, GPUs and DSPs wherever needed, ultimately providing the lightest-weight system loading and lowest-possible power consumption.

Camera Reference Designs
Software Solutions