Hawkeye Camera

The World's Only Folded Dual Camera with OIS

Taking blur-free images and smooth videos has always been a key goal for photographers. Today, with the introduction of zoom cameras in smartphones, that goal is increasingly important, as a user’s handshake is most prominent when using telephoto lens. To deal with these challenges, smartphone manufacturers in recent years are increasingly adopting optical image stabilization (OIS) mechanisms. Compensating for our handshake, a typical OIS mechanism normally shifts the lens barrel on two axes, according to motion sensors such as gyroscopes. However, in a folded camera where the lens is perpendicular to the device’s surface, shifting the lens barrel has immediate consequences on the camera’s Z-height.

To meet these conflicting design goals of high zoom factors, professional-grade image quality, and inclusion of OIS in a smartphone-thing form factor, Corephotonics has introduced the Hawkeye zoom dual camera.

With Hawkeye, the camera was redesigned from the ground up to deliver jaw-dropping image quality and a zoom experience that has never been seen before on mobile devices. The Hawkeye camera produces photos that express an artistic quality, as found in professional photography. With optics having exceptionally high resolving power that is equivalent to an 85mm telephoto lens and a folded OIS actuator, the camera delivers a dramatic optical Bokeh and exceptional low light performance.

The Hawkeye camera comprises two apertures: one with a wide field of view lens (as is typically used in mobile devices) and the other with a telephoto lens, which has a narrow field of view. In order to achieve high zoom factors without compromising on the module Z-height, the telephoto lens in the Hawkeye camera uses folded optics. The Tele camera is designed such that light enters through a prism, which folds the light and steers it through a lens barrel before reaching a vertically placed image sensor.

The Hawkeye camera can be combined with the following Corephotonics dual camera software solutions:

  • Optical zoom library, allowing the end user to experience continuous optical zoom functionality.
  • Video zoom library, enabling smooth transition between the two cameras during preview and video modes.
  • Depth and Bokeh library, digitally mimicking optical Bokeh effects normally found in DSLR cameras by creating a depth map and selectively blurring parts of the scene.