Low Light Enhancement

Capture Crisp Snapshots in Low Light Conditions

While smartphone cameras have become the leading image capturing device, it’s a well- known truth that smartphones do not excel in dim lighting conditions. Indeed, when light levels decrease, traditional smartphone cameras cannot meet the performance of larger cameras with bigger optics and sensors.

Corephotonics’ dual camera solution dramatically improves image quality in low light conditions.
By combining information from two adjacent cameras, one equipped with a monochromatic sensor and one with a color sensor, Corephotonics’ software library dramatically reduces noise, increases resolution and improves overall image quality.

Corephotonics’ low light enhancement library registers the two images, taking into account occlusions and mismatches. It then extracts high resolution and high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) luminance information from the monochromatic sensor and fuses it with chroma information from the color image.
This software library is well optimized for various application processors, using low memory footprint and power consumption.

Huawei P10 vs. Corephotonics Image Fusion

Color Image vs. Corephotonics Image Fusion