Optical Zoom Capture

Snap Full Resolution Photos with True Optical Zoom

When snapping photos on our smartphones, we often find ourselves moving closer to the subject in order to get the framing right and make sure we capture all the nice details in the scene.

We do that because we are aware that by zooming in we sacrifice image quality. Unlike bigger cameras, on smartphones, zooming is only a digital manipulation of the image; hence we lose resolution.

Corephotonics’ zoom dual camera solution solves this by providing true, continuous optical zoom in snapshots. With different zoom ratios (3x, 5x and more), lenses and sensor configurations, combined with advanced real-time image fusion algorithms, Corephotonics’ cameras give users the zoom quality and experience of larger cameras.

The Wide and Tele cameras snap synchronized Wide and Tele images and the Corephotonics software libraries process them and combine the two into a single image, depending on the zoom factor requested by the user. Corephotonics’ fusion engine registers information from the two cameras, overcoming occlusions and production inaccuracies. The software takes advantage of multiple hardware accelerators such as GPU, DSP and SIMD cores, and makes use of software paradigms such as OpenCL and OpenGL.


  • High resolution snapshots with true continuous optical zoom – 2x, 3x, 5x and more.
  • Significant improvement in image quality, even when not zooming in Improved signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Fast run-time and low memory footprint.

Digital Zoom vs. Corephotonics Optical Zoom Capture

iPhone 7 Plus Optical Zoom vs. Corephotonics Optical Zoom