Video Optical Zoom

Record Videos with Continuous Zooming Experience

When recording a video, the ability to zoom in on the action is crucial to good user experience. Standard video zoom solutions can support a small factor of optical zooming (in the range of 2x for 1080p video) by exploiting sensor oversampling, but this is insufficient to create a decent zooming experience.

Corephotonics’ dual camera optical zoom software library can support very high optical zoom factors in video, between 5x and 10x and beyond. This allows users to frame the scene correctly, focusing on the main subject and avoiding peripheral clutter.

Corephotonics’ software library operates at the native video frame rate (from 30fps to 120fps). The library smoothly transitions from one camera to the other, depending on the user-requested zoom factor. It analyzes the stream frames from both cameras, corrects for assembly inaccuracies and for color and luminance mismatches, accounts for imperfect optics and takes care of parallax. To conserve power, it supports a low power architecture in which only one camera is active at a given time, depending on the zoom factor. It also supports optical and electronic image stabilization (EIS).

The software library is optimized for run time, supporting high frame rates, and is inherently designed for low power consumption, taking advantage of multiple hardware accelerators such as GPU, DSP and SIMD cores.

Corephotonics Dual Camera Zoom-in – Video mode: