Corephotonics is the pioneer and market leader of dual camera technology for smartphones. Corephotonics’ mission is to improve camera phone photography. The company develops technologies that transcend some of the most challenging handicaps of camera phones. Corephotonics’ founding team has pioneered computational photography in commercial devices and has been active in the camera phone market for over 10 years.

Core competencies. Corephotonics’ distinction in the compact camera market is in its broad set of core competencies which cover both the physical camera design and the image signal processing. The company’s systemic architecture, combining camera designs and image processing, achieves exceptional photographic benefits; such strong benefits, which surpass improvements in camera or processing alone. The company innovates and offers cutting-edge optical and mechanical designs, image processing algorithms and image quality benchmarking tools.

IP Licensing business model. Corephotonics approaches the market in an IP licensing model. One of the company’s central strategies is to develop a comprehensive patent portfolio which is continuously evolving and expanding. The company relies on its robust patent portfolio for differentiating its solutions from those of competitors.

Collaborative philosophy. Corephotonics’ team brings a tradition of building trustful, lasting partnerships with leading suppliers of camera technology. The company attributes great value and continuously cultivates its collaborations with lens, actuator and image sensor vendors, camera module integrators and application processor companies. As an IP development house it relies on leading manufacturers to convert its inventions and designs into the world’s best compact cameras.

Team. Coming from a strong academy and technology background, Corephotonics’ management also brings many years of industry and market experience. The team’s driving force is to achieve valuable and differentiating products which make a difference and change the world. The team is committed to hard core technology development and to excellence from product design all the way to customer support and end-product deployment. The team is unafraid to boldly go where no one has gone before, and takes pride in educating the market about the computational dual camera benefits.

Leading the industry. Corephotonics was the first to design, develop, build and demonstrate (in 2014) a uniformly superior, non-compromising, dual camera with its first generation zoom solution. This solution offered an unprecedented increase in effective resolution at a height and cost acceptable for smartphones. In 2016, Corephotonics launched a second generation zoom solution with dramatic improvements. The second generation camera produces a dramatic increase in effective resolution and low light sensitivity while reducing the module height. It uses a novel type of folded optics architecture and introduces a proprietary optical stabilization increasing zoom versatility. Stand by to see Corephotonics next generation camera improvements which will take compact camera capabilities even further. Corephotonics’ strong supply partnerships, robust patent portfolio and its continuous innovation, support and validate its leadership position.