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"Mobile photography is a key focus of OPPO, and we have always been eager to forge strong partnership with leading suppliers like Corephotonics. The 5x Dual Camera Zoom OPPO demonstrated at MWC 2017 once again amazed the world for its technological breakthroughs. Corephotonics’ dual cameras with wide-angled and telephoto lens, along with the periscope-style construction, Optical Image Stabilization and image fusion technology, edges mobile photography even closer to what digital cameras are capable of doing.”

Dr. King OPPO's Hardware Director

“Sunny Optical has the powerful optical development capability and automatic lean manufacturing capacity. We have experimented with virtually all dual camera innovations introduced in recent years, and have found Corephotonics dual camera technologies to have the greatest contribution in camera performance and user experience. Just as important is the compliance of their dual camera architecture to high volume production and harsh environmental requirements.”

Cerberus Wu Senior Marketing Director of Sunny Optical

"The compact camera industry faces a unique challenge: It must package extremely delicate components into high performance cameras, providing them in huge volumes while accommodating a very rapid rate of generational change. Primax has always succeeded to maintain cutting edge capabilities when it comes to our camera modules. Corephotonics’ diverse range of high performance dual cameras are an excellent fit to Primax advanced capabilities. We are proud to partner with Corephotonics in providing the industry's most advanced solutions for this and future generations.”

CF Tsao Vice President Mobile Image of Primax

“Corephotonics is widely regarded as a world leader in dual-camera technology, the rapid expansion of the dual-camera smartphone market gives us the perfect opportunity to combine our companies’ expertise. We are pleased to introduce our first joint reference design, and are excited about many more future collaborations based on OmniVision sensors and Corephotonics’ algorithm IP.."

Will Foote Senior Partnership Manager of OVT

“Following a thorough evaluation, Truly has decided to adopt Corephotonics dual camera technologies, exhibiting obvious added value to our mobile market customers. These types of innovations also draw great interest by our customers in the automotive, surveillance and other camera-based markets.”

Laurence Liu CCM & FPI, R&D General Manager of Truly

"With the recent launches of flagship smartphones, the trend towards zoom dual camera photography is undeniable, enriching the camera user experience. Qtech, a leading camera module vendor utilizing a fully autonomous production line, is proud to collaborate with Corephotonics, the leader in dual camera technology, to satisfy the growing demand for zoom dual camera smartphones."

Mr. Sam Hu Executive Director & Sales Vice President of Q-Tech

"The camera has become a key differentiator in the current, highly competitive global smartphone market. Via the dual camera zoom solution pioneered by Corephotonics and the access we have now gained to their technology, it is possible to greatly expand upon our current smartphone camera capabilities. This will take us closer than ever before to the imaging performance that would normally be associated with an SLR.."


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