Job description:

Take part in the development and implementation of cutting edge, highly optimized computer vision and image processing algorithms on mobile platforms.

Optimizing solution for high performance run-time, minimizing memory usage and power consumption. Responsibilities include:

  • Implement algorithmic blocks from scratch, assuming responsibility for all development cycles – design, implementation, debugging, optimization and delivery.

  • Perform code run time and memory footprint optimizations on various platforms.

  • Participate in SW architecture design.

  • Collaborate with team members and colleagues in solving problems and overcoming design challenges.

  • Interface with engineering teams at customers and suppliers sites.


B.Sc. in computer science or Electrical and Computer Engineering, from a certified university, 85+


  • 3+ years of experience in C/C++ development

  • Object oriented programming experience

  • Experience with applications design and implementation

  • Experience in multi-threaded programming

  • Proven track record of finding bottlenecks and delivering optimized, high-quality code

  • Knowledge in algorithms development and implementation

  • Fast learner, team player, reliable and motivated


  • Experience in Android NDK development

  • Experience in image processing algorithms

  • Knowledge in OpenCV

  • Experience in runtime optimizations on embedded accelerators (e.g. Neon, DSP, GPU).

  • Experience in writing OpenCL kernels

  • Experience in Matlab

  • Application development

C.V apply to:

Upload C.V

Image quality

Image quality testing
UI/UX testing
Testing benchmark design and integration

Camera hardware

Compact Lens design
Micro electro-mechanical systems for zoom, auto-focus, optical image stabilization
Diverse actuator technologies and control systems
Environmental and reliability testing in preparation for ultra high volume Manufacturing

Computer Vision

Deep Computer Vision models for: scene understanding, object detection and recognition and tracking; classification; depth analysis
Stereo vision and depth mapping
Image fusion
Dynamic multi aperture calibration
Heterogeneous computing (MT CPU, GPU, DSP, unified-memory architecture)
Mobile camera software architecture
UI/UX design for camera applications